Katherine Edgar, CEO of The Synergy Group speaks with Harlow Group’s MD Steve Ludlow on the topic of scaling successful sales teams; moving from the ‘dark art’ approach, to a rigorous scientific approach to achieving organisational sales success.  The profession of B2B sales and the scaling of sales teams is often seen as a dark art; undefinable and difficult to measure and manage within a business. Using sales figures as a measure of sales success is one thing, but in a complex B2B sales environment, other foresightful measurables and levers are critical in managing sales performance in a way where results can be impacted in real time.  In this video, Steve and Katherine discuss the evolving science of sales recruiting, training, development and management of a high performance sales teams.


Free Webinar Recording Download: How Harlow Group have been winning new corporate clients using LinkedInHow Harlow Group use Linkedin to gain new clients

We have been winning many new corporate clients using Linkedin in Australia. We ran a very insightful webinar for selected sales leaders in our network, where our MD Steve Ludlow shared how Harlow Group have been winning new clients leveraging LinkedIn.

Being a sales recruitment company, we have really needed to master LinkedIn as a candidate sourcing tool and have found along the way that LinkedIn is extremely powerful as a sales tool to reach new corporate clients (when you understand the hidden functions within).

We’ve found that the huge majority of the sales managers and sales people we speak with are underutilising LinkedIn; not knowing the many hidden sales tools that LinkedIn inadvertently has embedded within. As a result, they’re not having real success using LinkedIn to win business (certainly not to the extent we are right now).

We ran this webinar with the help of Martin Warren from insidejob who is a well renowned LinkedIn expert. Martin is Australia’s top mind in sourcing and recruitment technology and is now educating sales people in Australia’s top organisations, how to effectively use LinkedIn to get noticed and win new business.

Grab your lunch or a coffee and join Martin and Steve as they talk about what Harlow Group has been doing to win new business using Linkedin, how LinkedIn is changing the way people connect on a professional basis, and how you could be using it to gain a competitive advantage in the sales process.

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