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The Synergy Group’s latest SustainSales Outlook and Opportunities 2014-2015 report found that despite seeing an improvement in net profit growth in 2014, the majority of ASX 50 experienced very little or negative growth in sales revenue.

Looking to the year ahead, it is therefore surprising that 90 per cent of companies are forecasting sales revenue to grow, with some pursuing significant revenue increases of 16 per cent and above. Sales targets are being stretched by as much as 25 per cent to achieve this. At the same time, less than a third of sales professionals feel confident in meeting these increased expectations.

The business landscape is constantly changing. As salespeople, we are challenged daily to demonstrate value and remain relevant to savvy buyers who are more informed and far more progressed through their buying cycle than ever before. So how are leading organisations changing the game, revolutionising their sales efforts to meet targets and deliver greater customer and shareholder value? Download the report to find out.


SustainSales Report 2014-2015 – NEW

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